Turboiber with the Markets Leaders in UK

Turboiber with the Markets Leaders in UK

Upon the establishment of TURBOIBER UK, one of the first actions of the team was to exhibit at the Vertical Days event as a means to formally introduce ourselves to the UK market. Despite the fact that it was our first UK fair, the event was a success as it allowed us to both make connections with our colleagues in the access machinery sector while also giving us further insight into the UK market and all that it entails. It proved to be a vital learning experience that has enabled us to enter the UK market with a clear understanding of the needs and standards that are demanded in the UK.

Taking advantage of the event, IPAF also held their annual conference which was presided over by TURBOIBER UK for the first time. It was attended by the market leaders of our sector who provided everyone with their ideas, concerns and most importantly some of their strategies that have ultimately served to make them the sector leaders in the UK market.

The Vertical Days fair and IPAF conference served as a learning experience that provided us with a clear picture of the UK market and therefore set the foundation for the plan that will allow TURBOIBER UK to not only enter the UK but to establish itself as one of the leading specialist in access machinery

For more information: Alex Ventosa, Head of UK market, aventosa@turboiber.com

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