Modular Goods Hoist Model T3-25

Modular Goods Hoist Model T3-25

Our newest introduction to our material hoist range is by far the most versatile and innovative goods hoist on the market. Designed with the hoist hire folk in mind, this model allows the client to have a standard goods hoist that can easily be adapted to meet the demands and characteristics that any project may require.

A standard cabin of 2 x 2.5m with a load capacity of 2.5 tons, it comes with modular add ons that permit you to extend the length of the cabin to 4m while still keeping a 2 ton load capacity. 

Furthermore, we have also included the option of being able to detach one of the motors so that the machine can also be used as a 1ton hoist without altering any other part of the machine.

All in all, this is the most versatile goods hoist on the market and a weapon that allows our clients to attack any project with ease and confidence.

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